Learn Python Flask Programming

Here is our course outline for a 20-chapter Python Flask course.

Introduction to Python Flask

Overview of Flask framework

Setting up the Development Environment

Introduction to Python and its applications

Flask Fundamentals

Understanding Flask Routes and Views

Working with HTTP Methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)

Building RESTful APIs with Flask

Flask Templates

Introduction to Flask templates

Understanding Jinja2 template engine

Working with Flask templates

Flask Models and Databases

Introduction to databases and SQL

Setting up a database in Flask

Creating, reading, updating, and deleting database records

Flask Forms and Validation

Understanding form data in Flask

Building Forms with Flask-WTF

Implementing form validation

Flask User Authentication and Authorization

Introduction to user authentication and authorization

Setting up user registration and login

Implementing role-based access control

Flask File Upload

Understanding file uploads in Flask

Uploading files with Flask

Flask Email and SMS

Introduction to email and SMS in Flask

Sending emails and SMS with Flask

Flask Error Handling

Understanding error handling in Flask

Implementing error pages in Flask

Flask Deployment

Introduction to Flask deployment

Deploying Flask applications to various platforms (Heroku, AWS, etc.)

Advanced Flask Features

Introduction to advanced Flask features

Implementing custom error pages

Debugging Flask applications

Debugging Flask with the debugger and logging

Flask Performance Optimization

Understanding performance optimization in Flask

Implementing caching in Flask

Optimizing database queries in Flask

Flask Integrations

Introduction to Flask integrations

Integrating Flask with various technologies (e.g. Redis, RabbitMQ)

Flask Security

Introduction to Flask security

Implementing security best practices in Flask

Flask and Machine Learning

Introduction to Flask and machine learning

Implementing machine learning models in Flask

Flask and GraphQL

Introduction to Flask and GraphQL

Implementing GraphQL in Flask

Flask and WebSockets

Introduction to Flask and WebSockets

Implementing WebSockets in Flask

Flask and Microservices

Introduction to Flask and microservices

Implementing microservices in Flask

Flask and Serverless

Introduction to Flask and serverless

Implementing serverless architecture in Flask

Flask Project

Introduction to the Flask project

Building a complete Flask application from scratch