Learn Python Programming

Here is a sample course outline for a Python3 course with 20 chapters of instruction.

Introduction to Python

Overview of Python programming

Setting up a development environment

Understanding Python syntax

Variables, Data Types, and Operators

Understanding Variables

Data Types in Python (int, float, str, etc.)

Operators in Python (arithmetic, comparison, etc.)

Input and Output in Python

Taking User Input

Displaying Output

Reading and Writing Files

Control Flow

If-Else Statements

For Loops

While Loops


Defining Functions

Function Arguments

Return Values From Functions

Modules and Packages

Importing Modules

Creating Custom Modules

Installing and Using Packages

Strings and Regular Expressions

String Operations

Regular Expressions

Lists and Tuples

List Operations


Dictionaries and Sets

Dictionary Operations


Exception Handling

Understanding Exceptions

Try-except Blocks

Object-Oriented Programming

Classes and objects




Understanding decorators

Using decorators in Python


Understanding generators

Using generators in Python

File Handling

Understanding file handling

Reading and writing files

Working with CSV files

Debugging and Testing

Debugging techniques

Unit testing in Python

Advanced Topics



Network programming

Database Integration

Connecting to databases

Performing CRUD operations

Web Development with Python

Introduction to web development

Flask framework

Advanced Web Development

Django framework

Deploying applications to the web

Project Work

Building a real-world project

Integrating various concepts learned in the course