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Python Script to Rename Files in a Directory

Here is an example of a Python script that renames files in a directory:

import os

# specify the directory containing the files
directory = '/path/to/directory'

# specify the old and new file names
old_file_name = 'old_file_name.txt'
new_file_name = 'new_file_name.txt'

# construct the full file path for the old and new file names
old_file_path = os.path.join(directory, old_file_name)
new_file_path = os.path.join(directory, new_file_name)

# rename the file
os.rename(old_file_path, new_file_path)

This script renames a file called ‘old_file_name.txt’ located in the ‘/path/to/directory’ directory to ‘new_file_name.txt’. You can change the old file name, new file name, and directory path to suit your needs. You can also use os.listdir() to loop through all the files in the directory, and then use os.rename() to rename them one by one.

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